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About Color Picker

A feature of virtually all software or online image and text editing tools can be defined as a color picker. It is an online tool that allows users to choose any color of visual elements in any form such as text, shapes, etc. in a document or graphic.

BG SEO Tool may be the best website to find the perfect color picker among others available on the internet. We offer a 100% satisfactory and useful ai-based color picker tool for free of cost. You can easily access our website and use our tool and obtain the best and most advanced services.

BG SEO's Color Picker tool also allows users to apply paints to text layers, strikes, and other vector objects and apply solid fills, gradients, or images. Similarly, users can also control the hue, saturation, or opacity of any color they require and apply blend modes, etc.

How to use Color Picker by BG SEO Tool?

Step 1: Open our website, (

Step 2: The software will display various color selection palettes. Select any color and drag & drop the color from the color palette.

Step 3: Select your required RGB, HUE, or HSL color with CSS values, accordingly. You can adjust or replace your selected color multiple times to your satisfaction.

Step 4: Now, you can use any colors or your customized color shades to create any designs, art, etc.

What is HTML Color Picker Tool?

HTML color picker is the most useful and reliable tool for graphic designers and HTML web page designers. This tool creates a fast webpage and has a multiple-color collection, which benefits users by generating bulk work output based on it. This tool also allows the users to select and input a color of their choice.

After submitting the input, the browser converts the input color into a string that represents it and displays it accordingly. Users can also use different style attributes to set the font color in HTML. Our tool also specifies an inline style for an element with the CSS property with different colors.

BG SEO tool has provided an advanced HTML color picker tool useful to select a color on the active layer to either of the primary or secondary color slots. Our tool will provide a code as selected by users graphically and display the output color as per the corresponding.

Features of Color Picker

Colors are fascinating and are an important element of design and make a better visual presentation. The right color placement can also attract better traffic to users' websites.

Our Color picker tool also benefits users by generating new colors and converting them into different formats. Our tool also has categorized two main parts such as:

  • Color Slider: It is a multi-functional tool that provides a linear or radial gradient of the seven different rainbow colors. E.g., Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red.
  • Color Canvas: It lets users visually change an individual channel of any seven primary colors.

Our BG SEO tool helps users to easily generate cohesive, pleasant color methods using multiple facilities such as complementary, tetradic, and additional analogic options and helps you create your customized color palette with an RGB color picker.

Similarly, users can also type HEX color values directly into the toolbar and manually adjust HSB and RGB values to fine-tune any color options and selections.