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About Find DNS records

Find DNS Records is a free online tool that allows the user to account for the DNS records of any particular website. You just need to enter the domain URL, the tool will provide you with all the details regarding the DNS including servers used by the domain, MX, CNAME, TXT, NS, A, and AAA records. All the detailed information regarding DNS is essential to solve the problems regarding the website, determine the hosting provider, check the domain name, and many others.

Thus to facilitate you with these facilities, BGseotool has brought you a very convenient tool that can be helpful for the website owner, and other users. The tool provides you with the best possible result in very little time. The tool is provided with a very simple interface that allows you to quickly retrieve the information you are keen to know. The tool can be used by anyone with little knowledge anywhere on any device unless you are connected to an internet connection. 

What is DNS Record?

DNS stands for Domain Name System whose primary function is to translate the domain name into the IP address that particularly helps to find the website associated with the domain name. The DNS records provide all the information by mapping the domain name to the IP address allowing you to find and connect to the website easily. 

Simply, DNS records are the instructions that provide the way to the internet to easily find the particular website associated with the domain name. When you enter the domain name on your device to search, your device needs to identify the IP address associated with the given domain name to connect and open the site. 

Several types of DNS records are used for different purposes. Each type of record serves a specific purpose in the DNS. Some of them are mentioned below;

  • A record (Address) 
  • MX record (Mail Exchange) 
  • CNAME record (Canonical Name)
  • TXT record (Text record)
  • NS record (Name Server)
  • SOA record (Start of Authority)
  • PTR record (Pointer)

Why the use of the Find DNS Records tool by BGseotool?

"Find DNS Records" can be useful for various reasons, some of which are mentioned below; 

1. Check domain status

You can use the DNS record tool to provide you the information regarding the domain status easily. You can check its status and know whether it is available for purchase if you are willing to buy any website. You can even know the expiry date of the domain. 

2. Determine the hosting provider

DNS records allow you to know about the hosting provider of a particular website is using. So, if you wanna learn about the hosting provider of any of the websites you can simply use our tool. 

3. Verify Ownership

The DNS tool helps to retrieve the TXT record that you need to verify the ownership of your domain. You may sometimes need to verify the domain name by adding the TXT record to the DNS setting. Whenever you need to know the TXT record you can use our tool that will provide you results in just a couple of seconds.

4. Solving problems related to the website

Whenever you experience any problems related to the website you can check the DNS record of the website so that you can identify the particular source of the problem. 

How to use the Find DNS Records tool by BGseotool?

You can follow the following instructions to use Domain Hosting Checker for your convenience;

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click on the Find DNS Records box. Enter the domain link for which you want to know DNS Records details. 

Step 3: Once you've entered your domain URL, click on the “submit” option.

Step 4: It will take a few seconds to display your result.