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About Flag Counter

What is Flag Counter?

Flag Counter is an online software that is programmed to display or count your website visitor's country's Flags. With this tool, webmasters and SEO specialists can analyze which countries people mostly visit their websites and which do not.

Importance Of Flag Counter?

If you own a website the flag counter tool can be a precious tool for you. The flag counter tool tracks your visitor. You can be aware of the visitors to your websites. 

This tool informs the web owners, of which countries people visited their websites and at what time. With the use of this tool, people can know which countries people visit their websites and how long they stay on the side, and they can create their content by mainly referring to those countries' people who view their pages most. 

With the use of this tool, people can easily see how many visitors they have on their pages and they can easily see the different countries that visit their sites. 

Why Use Of Flag Counter Tool?

This online Flag counter tool helps to create a brand new flag counter for your websites in less than a minute. The users do not need to have any specific knowledge of coding or editing to build a flag counter tool by using this software.

Moreover, users can easily customize the colors, sizes, and text according to their desires and preferences. They can even select the number of flags they want the tool to show by choosing the provided options.

Users can save a good amount of money by using this tool to create a Flag counter, which does not charge any amount for the service. It can also help to make websites more unique and standard. 

Features Of BG SEO Flag Counter

There are numerous flag-counting tools available on the internet where some provide effective results while others do not. Here are, some important features of our Flag Counter too that make it a different, valuable ale, and more trustworthy tool for the service. 

Less Time Consuming And User-Friendly To Use

As it is a user-friendly tool users can easily take the service by using the tool without facing any troubles. It is a less time-consuming tool that completes a huge amount of work in less than a minute.

Zero Cost

Flag Counter tool provides a valuable service at zero cost. It is very fruitful for the students as they do not need to pay any amount for the service.

Supports All devices

Flag Counter tool supports every device such as phone, tablet, laptop, Desktop, and any software Apple, windows, android, and more. This web-based tool supports all devices that are connected to the internet. Users can take services in this tool from anywhere at any time.

Does Not Require Signup And Downloads

We all know how annoying and exhausting it can be to sign up or download any app to take the service. Well, you do not worry about that because our tool does not require any of these things to take service. It also helps users with their privacy as the tool does not want any of their personal information such as email address, password, name, or anything.

100 percent Secure
Various websites can be harmful to use. They can spread viruses by just clicking on the page. Therefore users need to be aware of those types of websites before using them. However, BG SEO websites give a 100 percent security guarantee for the users. Users can also check if the page is secure enough to use or not by using any security checker tool.

How to use BG SEO Flag Counter 

The user is not required to have any specific coding knowledge to create a Flag Counter by using the BG SEO Flag Counter tool. To use the BG SEO Flag Counter tool users can follow the steps consecutively that are listed below.

Step 1: Open the BG SEO Flag Counter tool by using any browsing software

Step 2: Choose the number of flags you want the tool to show by selecting the provided numbers

Step 3: Customize the text colors and background color of the templates 

Step 4: Choose the Size of Your flag counter box

Step 5:  Choose the number of columns you want on your flag counter box

Step 6: Click on the preview button if you want to see how the tool looks and you can make necessary changes if you do not like the designs or anything

Step 7: Click on the Get Your Flag Counter button if you are satisfied with your design.

After clicking on the Get your Flag counter, the tool provides various URLs that you can paste on your websites where you want your flags tool to appear.