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About Google Cache Checker

Do you want to know if your web page is indexed on the Google search or not? If the answer is yes then you are in the right place. The BG SEO tool has introduced another valuable SEO tool that helps users for the growth of their websites. 

It is very important to cache the pages of your website on Google's search index. When your website is temporarily saved on the Google search index, it can detect your page quickly and will bring your pages to the first rows to provide related searched information to the readers.

What is Google Cache Checker? 

Google Cache Checker is a free online SEO tool that is used to check if the website's pages are indexed on the Google search engine or not. The Google cache checker analyzes the page provided by users deeply and tries to find the same pages on the Google search storage to determine the availability. This tool is mostly used by various website owners and SEO professionals to find out the availability of their website's pages on Google Cache. 

The page links cached by Google are also known as checked URLs. Users can cache the pages of their website by using two methods which are 1. Quick cache, 2. jp-cache.

Why Use Google Cache Checker

If you are a webmaster or SEO specialist, you probably searching for various ways to grow your website revenue. Well, this tool can be very beneficial for you to get more traffic on your pages. By the use of this valuable tool, users can determine their page's availability on Google and they can make some necessary changes to their pages. 

Website masters can increase traffic rates on their websites by indexing all their pages. When all the pages are indexed, readers can still take the service even when the website is slow or down. Because all the information would already be saved on the Google search index.

Sometimes. when your website gets slow or gets various errors to process, google can still provide your page content to the readers. Moreover, visitors can still view your website even when it is offline. Google Cache Checker, does not even charge any amounts for the service and also gives valuable information to the website masters. 

Features Of BG SEO Google Cache Checker

There are numerous Google cache checker tools available on the internet that provide the same service to the users. However, there are some important features of BG SEO Google Cache checker provides that make it a different more valuable, and trustworthy tool than any other available tools on the internet.

  1. The BG SEO Google cache checker is a user's friendly tool and also provides services within a few clicks
  2. This tool is completely free to use 
  3. Users can check up to 20 page URL's Google cache availability at once
  4. Users can take service from this tool by using any devices that are connected to the internet
  5. As it is a web-based tool users are not required to download or signup the tool for the service
  6. The BG SEO Google cache checker is 100 percent secure to use

How to Use BG SEO Google Cache Checker 

The Google cache checker is a very quick process. Users can check if their pages are stored in the Google search index or not by just clicking a few buttons.

To check page availability on the Google index users are first required to open the BG SEO Google cache charge or any other secure websites with similar featured tools. After opening the tool, users can paste the URLs of the pages they want to check the cache on Google. Users can add up to 20 page URLs at once but each link must have to be in one line or they can not add more than one URL in one line.

After adding the links, the user can click on the submit button to start the process. The tool will provide the result in less than a minute, on a box verifying if the URLs are cached or not.