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About Google Index Checker

Did you know that Google analyzes every website's pages that have been published on Google? To collect useful and valuable information for the readers' Google views and analyzes every page and only index those web pages which it finds more valuable.

After indexing the collected web pages google search engine uses the same pages to provide information to the users. Now you probably understood the importance of indexing web pages on Google to get more traffic. 

If you are also one of those people who is worrying about not getting many viewers on their website even after adding good content every single day, it might be the reason that Google has not recognized their page yet. If your website is less than a year old, it might take time to recognize your pages by Google. In that case, you have to request Google to index your page, by yourself.

Well, before sending the request it is important to check if your web pages are indexed by the Google search engine or not. To check, the Google index condition of your pages, you can use these free online Google Index Checkers which will provide you whole information about your page's index availability on Google in less than a minute.

What is Google Index Checker?

Google Index Checker is a software that helps various webmasters and SEO specialists check if their website pages are indexed by Google yet or not. Generally, if your pages are indexed it means Google has viewed your pages and is ready to use your page to provide information to readers. Especially, It is a very valuable tool for web owners who have just developed new websites because Google mostly recognizes those web pages which has higher traffic rates.  

With the help of this tool, users can send a request to Google to index their website's page by using various online indexing tools such as TagParrot, Website Indexer, Google Indexing, and many others.

Importance Of Google Index Checker?

To collect valuable information for the user Google relies on two processes 1) Crawling and 2) Indexing. When the pages crawl and come near Google while it processing indexing, it is compelled to read the page, and then Google indexes that page if it finds useful information.

To index any file google first needs to notice the pages. However, it can only recognize those pages that appear on the front of the Google detector and only those pages can appear quickly which are already famous and getting lots of traffic.

In that case, newly developed websites' content that is less famous and gets less traffic is left behind. To solve that problem various webmasters and SEO specialist uses this precious Google indexing checker to check how many of the pages of their site are indexed by Google.

After doing index checking people can work on sending indexing requests which can help them to get more traffic on their pages. After your page is indexed by Google it takes your pages on search engine optimization to provide information to the readers. The tool can be very helpful for numerous digital writers to get more organic traffic.  

Features of Google Index Checker

The BG SEO Google indexing checker provides various features that make it a valuable, more trustworthy, and different tool than other available similar featured tools on the internet.

  1. Less time-consuming and User-friendly to use
  2. The tool shows how many of the pages are indexed on Google in less than a minute
  3. Users can take service without paying a penny 
  4. Supports all devices that are connected to the internet
  5. Does not require a Signup or Login
  6. 100 percent secure to use

How to use BG SEO Google Index Checker

To find out how many pages from your websites are indexed on Google by using BG SEO Google index Checker, users can follow the steps that are listed below conicusitively 

Step 1: Open the BG SEO Goolge Index Cheacker  

Step 2: Paste The URL of your website on the tool's URL box

Step 3: Click on the Submit button  to start the process

In less than a minute the tool will show how many of the pages are indexed on the Google form that website. To check the Google index of another website, users can click on the try new URL button and repeat the same process.