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About Mobile Friendly Test

Majority of the people use Mobile/phones to get information from Google. It's easier and more convenient than opening a desktop to find a small information.

So when you are developing a website or creating new content you need to be sure if your website is mobile-friendly or not. Moreover, Google also values those websites that are more mobile-friendly to use.

Well, If you are thinking about how should we know if the pages of our website are easier to access from mobile or not, then are in the right place. You can use the online  SEO 'Mobile-Friendly Test" tool to solve that problem. 

What does Mobile Friendly Test  Do?

The mobile-friendly test tool is programmed to show the web page's design, or format on mobile mode. With the use of this tool, users can analyze how their pages look on mobile phones. They can also find out if the pages are easy to view from mobile or not and can make necessary changes by analyzing the report provided by the tool.  

Importance Of Mobile-Friendly Pages 

It is very crucial to have mobile-friendly content or web pages because most people use mobile to get the information they want. 

When your web pages occur in very small text or huge text than necessary, it can affect the user's experience on your page. Users neither prefer small text nor too big.

Sometimes that Text that seems fine in the desktop format might not look good to view from the phone. That is the reason, it's important to have the right web page format which can be easier to access by using both phone and desktop. 

Some websites are great to use from a desktop than on a mobile. Because the fonts and layout will have huge differences between the two devices and will be unsatisfying to view on the phone. In that case, users automatically jump to other websites to find information.

It plays a huge role in getting organic traffic to your website. Similarly, Google Search Engine also focuses on that website which is easy to view from mobile. For that reason, users need to pay more attention to how their pages look on various devices, and if it doesn't look good on some devices they need to make necessary changes. 

Why Use Mobile-Friendly Test  Tool?

The mobile-friendly test tool is a very handy and user-friendly tool to take service. Users can easily analyze their web pages in a mobile format without actually using the phone. This tool even displays how much your content or page is mobile-friendly, in percentage. By analyzing the report user can make necessary changes to create good quality content. 

Another best part of using this tool is it provides valuable information at zero cost. User can analyze their page in less than a minute by using this tool. It is an important process to check mobile friendly of your pages, that's why Google has also introduced its own mobile-friendly test tool.

Features Of BG SEO Mobile-Friendly Test Tool

There is numerous mobile-friendly tool available on the intent where some provide effective result while other do not. Similarly, the BG SEO Mobile-Friendly Test tool provides a few important features that make it a valuable and trustworthy tool for the users

  1. Provide service at zero cost 
  2. Instant effective results
  3. Does not require download or signup
  4. Supports any devices and software that are connected to the Internet
  5. 100 percent secure to use

How To Use BG SEO Mobile-Friendly Test Tool

To use BG SEO mobile-friendly test tool user users can follow the steps consecutively that are listed below. 

Step 1: Open the BG SEO mobile-friendly test tool by using any browsing software. 

Step 2: Copy the domain or Website's URL and paste the link on the tool's URL box

Step 3: Click on the submit button to start the process

After clicking on the submit button the tool provides the result in less than 15 seconds. The tool shows the percentage of your page's mobile friendliness and it also shows your website's page layout on mobile mode.