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About Plagiarism Checker

Presently, plagiarism has become a significant problem in modern society. In this technological era many high schools, college students, and even office workers steal other ideas from the internet and present the final project as their own without any consent. 

Plagiarism is illegal, and many tools and technologies have been developed to minimize this problem. Plagiarism tools help many bloggers, authors, and workers protect their content from stealing. Plagiarism detection tools deeply analyze the content by comparing it with millions of other content available on Google and find out the similarities between the contents. 

unlike other plagiarism checkers available on the internet, BG SEO Tools provides multiple support for the user by making it more convenient and user-friendly. BG SEO Tools can check up to 20,000 numbers of texts at one time whereas other tools only work up to 1000 to a maximum of 2,000 words. 

Benefits of BG SEO Tools "Plagiarism Checker"

Easy To Use / User Friendly

BG Seo Tools easily detect plagiarism by just copying and pasting the texts on the Plagiarism Checker toolbox. After pasting the work user can just click the blue button (Cheack For Plagerrism) and start the process. 

Zero Cost 

The BG SEO tools plagiarism checker provides the service without any cost. This is the main advantage of the tools where users can check huge amounts of text without paying a single penny. 

20,000 Words Capacity

Many other plagiarism tools on the internet provide only 1000 to 20000 words capacity for plagiarism checking but the BG Seo Tools can check up to 20,000 words of text at one time. It is hard to check the plagiarism of big projects when the tools only provide 1000 or 2000 capacity of words. The user has to revise the process frequently to complete the whole project which seems a little hard and irritating as well. But you can check the whole project on the first attempt by using BG Seo Tools.

Compare The Text With Trillion Other Websites  

The tools provide the result after comparing the text with a trillion other websites and analyzing every single word to find similarities. Every word is compared with each other and every single plagiarized text. These AI-based SEO tools encounter the smallest amount of plagiarism which mostly seems impossible to detect by the human eye.

Providing Results Within A Minutes

Users can find out plagiarised text within a minute by using this tool. It processes and analyzes a large amount of data and compares it to the trillions of blogs within a second and provides fruitful results to the user. 

Plagiarised Texts Are Listed Sequentially

After the completion of the process, the plagiarised text will be listed sequentially along with a red button sign that says “Already Exist.” Similarly, the original text would be listed with the green button on the right side. The tools also provide the percentage of plagiarized and original text. Users can easily differentiate the plagiarised text and original text through this process and can work on rewriting the text.

Provides The Source Of Plagerised Text 

Users can not only find out which are plagiarised but can also discover the source of plagiarised text. The user can easily find out the website and the text which has been copied. 

No Need For Installation

As it is a web-based tool users can easily complete their work without any tribulations of instalations. It saves the time of the user and makes it more convenient

Supports All Software And Devices

BG Seo tools support any devices and software such as Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Plagiarism Detective supports any devices that are connected to the internet.