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RGB to Hex

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About RGB to Hex

The RGB colors, (red, green, blue) refer to a system representing the colors used and displayed on a digital screen. This additive color system works when the three different colors are added together in multiple portions to display new colors.

RGB values usually display in a 0-255 scale and look like, RGB (0,74,255). Whereas, a HEX color code is a pattern of specifying multiple colors employing hexadecimal values. It is also an integral part of HTML, as we design and digitally represent color formats.

The HEX color value is the row of six or three characters, which often consists of 0–9 numbers and A-F letters. RGB code is mainly used to represent or display graphics in electronic software. On the other hand, HEX is often used in specific colors in HTML and CSS code-powered elements.


RGB to Hex converter is a color code generator that permits users to convert RGB color values to HEX codes. Our tool can easily convert RGB values of colors to their hexadecimal values for users' HTML pages or other websites.

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How to convert RGB to HEX?

BG SEO Tool has provided an easy tool to convert RGB values of a color to a hexadecimal string. Users need to confirm their RGB values are in the range of 0-255 and then focus on the three hex strings together. Here are the steps required to follow to get your output, such as:

Step 1: Open our website, (https://www.bgseotools.com/rgb-to-hex).

Step 2: RGB input works both for upper and lowercase colors or codes. Now, input any three numbers in the 0-255 range and separate them by commas. Simply adjust the color levels for RGB colors and our tool will automatically display the HEX equivalent in less than a minute.

Step 3: Now, choose the HEX, and input the first accept values with or without the hash sign. Which works with both 3 and 6-character long codes. The calculator can handle some typos, such as when the second digit of a component is an invalid character not in the HEX range (O-F).

Step 4: You can again use it multiple times after just clicking the “Reset” button. All the values will return to zero, where you can restart your new value again to obtain a new color shade.

Benefits of RGB to Hex by BG SEO Tool

BG SEO tool RGB to Hex converter provides an advanced tool that allows users to quickly convert RGB values to Hex code in no insufficient time. Our tools offer specific benefits and characteristics to fulfill your expectations, such as:

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  3. Customized multiple colors:  While covering RGB value colors to HEX, our converter has provided users with more precise and multiple color options.