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To use Readability Checker, Paste text in the textarea box given below and click on Test Readability Score Button.

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About Readability Checker

Readability Checker is a software that is programmed to check the readability of the users' text or content. It determines how easy or difficult your text is to read and shows the statistics of which ages or grades people can read your text. 

This readability software follows the programmed algorithms to analyze your text and detect readability. The tool counts the number of paragraphs, Sentences, lines, words, syllables, syntax, and characters in your texts and it applies the formula to that collected information. After that, it shows which ages or grades people can read our text. The statistics of grades are based on to US education system. 

Importance of Readability Checker 

If you are an author, a content writer, or a blogger you may have realized the importance of analyzing the text if you are writing about something important or valuable. We have to know what our sentences sound like to others. We need to be aware of the word structures and vocabulary we use in the text. If you are writing for small-grade kids you may not need to use advanced vocabulary and they might not even understand it. 

In Writing, it's a really important thing to follow that your writing has to be understandable to those people for whom you are writing the text. For instance, if you are writing a thesis and you are using normal words and vocabulary your thesis might not sound good or it might sound childish for your age of people and also you might not get the desired marks for that work. 

For that reason, it is crucial to understand the importance of writing methods according to grades, age, or fields such as science, social, law, philosophy, and English. For example, if you are explaining a science class, your definition has to include scientific words or terms, similarly if you are giving anything explanation in court you need to include various laws and languages. Likewise, if you are a philosopher you might explain in your own words, based on your feelings and desire. 

Readability Checker studies users' text carefully and analyzes every single word, syntax, sentence, and vocabulary it has used and then gives the results by showing how our text might sound to others. By using these tools we can determine if our text is worth the marks or not, or if is it good for the fields you're writing or not. By looking at the provided result we can make changes if needed and can be confident about our work. 

How to Use BG SEO Readability Checker 

As it is a user-friendly tool, people are not required to have any specific knowledge to take the services. To check any book, thesis, essay, or content's readability, users first need to copy the text from their site and drop it into the text box of similar featured websites. After pasting the text users need to click on the Cheack Readability button (Green Button ) to start the process.

After clicking the button tools automatically show the outcomes on the screen after analyzing the text using various programmed formulas. Users can find the different subjects' results in five different boxes (Text Statistic, Grade Levels & readability Index, Content Statistic, Average, and Key Word Density).