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Schema Markup Generator

  1. Choose the type of structured markup you’d like to create from the drop down on the left.
  2. Fill out the form on the left as much as possible.
  3. When complete, copy the newly generated JSON-LD on the right.
  4. Paste JSON-LD in the <head> section of your HTML document.
  5. Test implementation with the structured data testing tool.

About Schema Markup Generator

What Is Schema Markup?

Schema Markup is a language that search engines use to read and analyze the contents of your web pages. Schema Markup is also known as structured data. In general, Schema Markup is a semantic code language that helps SEO to categorize and characterize the pages. It helps the search engine to understand your web pages properly and could utilize your pages to provide the right information. 

What is Schema Markup Generator?

The Schema Markup Generator is a tool that helps to generate a code that can provide more information about your websites for your users as well as for the search engines. Providing clear information about your websites and works to the users and search engines, helps you generate the various organic traffic on your websites. However, according to the researched statistic, only 17 percent of websites actively use Schema markup. 

What Does the Schema Markup Generator Tool Do?

The scheme Markup generator automatically includes the required information and properties for Google to produce good results. In this tool, users are only required tool fill in the information on the boxes and it will generate the perfect JSON-LD based on the provided information, which users can use on their website to produce rich results.

Important Of Schema Markup Generator

To have the desired outcome from the websites, having good quality content is not only enough. People need to understand various SEO strategies that help your pages to bring on the first row of search engine results. That is the reason SEO specialists and many web owners use every legitimate tactic one their content and SEO. Similarly, Schema Markup is also one of the best ways if you want to earn good revenue from the websites.

The main importance of Schema Markup is, that it helps Google and other search engines to crawl your web pages better and also helps SEO to understand what your pages are about. Google highly recommends using Schema Markup to provide information regarding your pages. By using Schema people can increase their pages SEO ranks.

Features Of BG Schema Markup Generator Tool

Less Time Consuming And User-Friendly To Use

As it is a user-friendly tool users can easily take the service by using this tool without facing any troubles. It is a less time-consuming tool that completes a huge amount of work in less than a minute.

Zero Cost
The Schema Markup Generator tool provides a valuable service at zero cost. It is very fruitful for the students as they do not need to pay any amount for the service.

Supports All devices

The Schema Markup Generator tool supports every device such as phone, tablet, laptop, Desktop, and any software Apple, windows, android, and more. This web-based tool supports all devices that are connected to the internet. Users can take services in this tool from anywhere at any time.

Does Not Require Signup And Downloads

We all know how annoying and exhausting it can be to sign up or download any app to take the service. Well, you do not worry about that because our tool does not require any of these things to take service. It also helps users with their privacy as the tool does not want any of their personal information such as email address, password, name, or anything.

100 percent Secure

Various websites can be harmful to use. They can spread viruses by just clicking on the page. Therefore users need to be aware of those types of websites before using them. However, BG SEO websites give a 100 percent security guarantee for the users. Users can also check if the page is secure enough to use or not by using any security checker tool.

How to use BG SEO Schema Markup Generator Tool

The user is not required to have any specific coding knowledge to generate a Schema Markup by using the BG SEO Generator tool. To use the BG SEO Schema Markup Generator tool user can follow the steps consecutively that are listed below.

Step 1: Open the BG SEO Schema Markup Generator tool by using any browsing software

Step 2: Choose the type of Markup you want to create by selecting the provided options

Step 3: Fill in all the information on the left boxes

Step 4: Copy the generated JSON-LD from the right box 

Step 5: Paste that JSON-LD in the head section of your HTML document

Step 6:  Test implementation with the structured data testing tool