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To use Text Compare, Paste Urls or texts in the input box given below and click on Compare Text Button.

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About Text Compare

If you are a digital writer you are probably familiar with various online text editing tools such as word combiner, reverse text generator, upside down text generator, small text generator, text case, and many others. This online text editing tool helps writers write creative and eye-catching text for their blogs. 

Simply in writing, we have to go through a few processes to complete the final projects such as prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and then publishing but in this technological world, we also need to do plagiarism checking before publishing our work. 

When you write something and you want to publish your work on the internet, it is very important to do plagiarism checking because sometimes due to some quoted information and some word similarities your work can be considered as copyright text. Similarly, the text compare tool is also one of the plagiarism-checking tools that prevent cheating on writing. 

Text comparison tools are programmed to compare and contrast each text with one another. These tools analyze each text from Box A and Box B and find the similarities and differences between the texts. This tool is mostly used in schools, colleges, and content writing offices to check students' or workers' similarities in writing.

Importance of Text Compare Tool

Due to the advances in technology, many people complete their work by using online sources. Similarly many school college students even office workers copy information from the internet and present the copied information as their own which leads to a huge problem for their self-growth. 

To solve these plagiarism issues technologists developed various text-comparing and plagiarism-checking tools to protect original content on the internet. By using these tools, people can see if the text is original or not, and you can also see which texts are copied and which are not. 

If you are a teacher and you want to check similarities between your student’s thesis or any writing projects, you can take the help of these free online text comparing tool that immediately provides accurate results and shows every similarity between the texts. 

Where people can take hours to complete comparing one project, this tool can compare the entire class or office projects in that time. Moreover, you can also use this tool to compare your works for example you can compare your old and new versions of the text on the same topic. 

Features Of BG SEO Text Comparing Tools

The use of Text-comparing tools in your writing can make your work more convenient. These tools help writers save lots of time and they can use that time to do something more valuable work. Here are some features that BG SEO text comparing tool provides that make it a valuable tool for writers. 

1.    Easy and User friendly to take services
2.    Zero cost
3.    Provides results instantly
4.    Highlight and underline the similar and different text 
5.    Show the percentage of similarities between the two texts
6.    Does not view or keep records of the users' text
7.    100 percent secure to use
8.    Supports all devices that are connected to the internet
9.    Does not require users' information for the services

How to use BG SEO Text Comparing Tools?

Users are not required to have any specific knowledge to take the services from this tool. To compare any text using these tools users first need to go into a similar featured website and after that, they need to paste different text on different textboxes or they can directly download the file or they can copy the URL of each text and paste it into the URL boxes. 

After pasting the information on the text box users can click on the Compare Text button (Green Button) to start the process. Within a few seconds, the tool provides the results on the screen. It highlights the similar text on the red and underlines the different text. Moreover, it also shows the percentage of similarities between the texts. For example, if it shows 100 percent that means both texts are identical.