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About Twitter Graph Checker

Twitter analytics is an ai-based technological tool that tracks the operations of users' Twitter accounts. It discloses insights that will help you navigate through your social media strategy.

Twitter analytics provides enough information regarding your profile and boosts your Twitter performance and followers. BG SEO Tool offers an advanced and reliable Twitter Graph Checker for free of cost.

We provide you with plenty of options from tracking the success of your campaigns to engaging with customers and leads.

How to use Twitter Graph Checker by BG SEO Tool?

BG SEO's Twitter Graph Checker is available to all Twitter users, both for personal and business purposes. It provides you with information regarding your follower gain/loss, retweets, impression, engagement rate, and many other engagements. To use our Twitter Graph Checker tool, here are some steps required:

Step 1: Open our website, (

Step 2: Click the Twitter Graph Checker toolbox and input the user's profile URL. Users can also input other social site links and web URLs to know their annual structure.

Step 3: Click the 'submit' button below and access our web tool. It won't even take a few seconds to generate the output based on the URL. BG SEO Twitter Graph Checker will display your required accurate data automatically.

Feature & Characteristics of Twitter Graph Checker

BG SEO's Twitter Graph checker tool provides multiple features and characteristics considering users' demands. We offer a 100% precision and easy web tool to assemble a Twitter Graph checker for multiple purposes such as:

  • Conversion tracking
  • Profile visits
  • Tweet Impressions
  • Tweet engagements and engagement rate
  • Video Activity Dashboard (VAD)

1. Conversion tracking: It is a free tool that displays information for users to know when a follower engages with one of your ads. It essentially allows users to scale retrieval on ads spending by tracking the activities of people once they view or engage with their ads on their media accounts. For e.g.: in cases where internet users use their other devices like laptops instead of smartphones to convert or buy your products, our conversion tracking tool will correctly mention this to your Twitter ad.

2. Profile visits: Profile views give the count of the number of times your social media profile has been viewed. This number is evaluated every 28 days and is revised daily and also displays a comparison of the recent data with the previous one on a mini graph. This feature also helps users in surveying the increase and decrease of users' profile visitors to modify as users demand accordingly.

3. Tweet Impressions: Tweet impression can define as an impression of an appliance on a user's screen. Moreover, tweet impressions also collect the number of tweets and impressions under the tweets section of users' IDs. It can also be used to overview the cumulative impression of a period, performance based on individual tweets, and compare monthly activities.

4. Tweet engagements and engagement rate: The tweet section of users' profiles also displays the impression, engagements, and number of interactions received by your tweet. Moreover, in cases of an engagement rate of users' tweets, they can re-analyze the subject and format on their account.

5. Video Activity Dashboard (VAD): VAD displays all the data that can benefit users to leverage strategy on your Twitter. Every time when you post a new video or tweet on your account, you will be able to track retention, number of views, and completion rates through VAD. It is one of the attractions for the viewers, and you can also filter by promoted views on your videos. Similarly, you also can adjust the date range and export the data as a CVS file.

Benefits & Advantages of Twitter Graph Checker

BG SEO's Twitter Graph Checker tool is very useful and carries multiple benefits compared to other websites available on the internet. Our tool is helpful to analyze users profiles data and identify beneficial patterns within the data.

With this tool, you can also draw insights that'll provide you with what you need to enrich your online marketing campaigns. Here are some benefits and advantages of our Twitter Graph Checker tool such as:

  • To analyze users' audience interests: By using our Twitter graph checker, users can easily find the beneficial audience insights that will display the subjects or most popular responses by views and help you analyze what to post to gain more traffic. Without analyzing the data, you cannot be precise about the interest of your followers and gain popularity.
  • Create contents that work: Twitter Analytics will benefit users to post considerable content according to viewers' satisfaction. Constructing data-driven conclusions about your data will help you craft new beneficial content. Creating more beneficial and fun content to relish your audience will bring you good results.
  • Replicate success: To improve your Twitter, it is necessary to know what's working and what's not working using Twitter's analytic dashboard. It helps users to analyze the responses and help to improve them. Users can also obtain findings while preparing their next tweets, developing a brand’s social media guidebook, or creating a campaign strategy.
  • Identify trending topics: Our analytics offers users the trending topics and the volume of engagement each topic receives. We help you find the best resonated and post updates based on individual topics. It is also useful to get the information to promote your content and enrich your engagements.