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About Word Counter

Nowadays, we measure every work according to the pay we get and the time limits we have. If you are a student, blogger, author, or a simple social media influencer you might have noticed the importance of the number of words you write for a book or content or something you want to share on the internet there are always word limits you should write. For instance, if you want to make your content to be on the first-page ranking on Google you have to write around 1800 words, and if you are a social media influencer you might already know that Twitter only allows you to write 280 characters in one post.

we can see how much word counting is important in this generation. We all know how time-consuming and difficult it is to count the words if the words are more than a hundred. An average human mind takes 5 minutes to count 400 to 500 words whereas AI technology can even count 10,000 words in minutes. Counting words by yourself is not only difficult but can be also time-consuming and inaccurate as our human mind can get easily distracted by small things.

Why Use Word Counting Tools

We live in an era where almost every work could be done by AI technology. In this world, people have to work smart, not hard. If there is a shorter way to reach the destination why take a long route that is exhausting and time-consuming? similarly, if there are tools available on the internet that make your work more convenient why not use them? In this way, people can save their precious time and spend their effort on some more beneficial work.

Why Use BG SEO Tools

There are numerous word-counting tools available on the internet today that make your work more convenient. Similarly, BG SEO Word Counter Tools is also one of them. Here are the best features of BG SEO Word Counter tools which makes it more different than other available tools on the internet.

User-Friendly / Easy To Use

Users can easily count the number of their works by just copying and pasting the texts on the Word Count toolbox. After pasting the word they can click on the blue button that says Start counting and within a minute the results (Total Words and Total characters) will be shown on the screen.


As it is a web-based tool there is no need for installation, which makes it easier for the user. It can be annoying if you have to do the installation for a small work which is also very time-consuming. However, with just the access to the internet users can easily complete their work on the BG SEO Word Counter Tool.

Quick Accurate Result

Users can get accurate results from their work within minutes, whereas humans might take a lot more to complete the same task using their minds. It is a very fruitful tool to use if you have to count large amounts of words.

Zero Cost

BG SEO Word Counter tool's other best part is “It's Free”. Users can get their work done in no minute without paying a single penny. These tools can be very helpful for students as they help with their work without charging anything.