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About Word Counter Pro

Word Counter is an AI-based tool that is programmed to count the words in the provided text. It is a web-based tool that makes writers' work more convenient and faster. Today every work should be measured, to develop a perfect project. Similarly, we have to determine the length of the text before starting writing

For instance, when we were kids we used to count the words in our essays according to the marks we will achieve, and if you are a content writer you write the numbers of words according to the payment you will get. Likewise, the writers and authors also need to count words to have a perfect length of the book. Despite this, social media sites also have word limits for posts and comments or captions. Now you might have guessed the importance of word counting in today's world. 

word counting might seem very easy and instant work if you are counting up to 100 or 200 words but can you imagine how hard can it be to count the words of the whole book or thesis or any 3-4 pages long content? It's not only difficult but can be very time-consuming and irritating as our human minds can get easily distracted by small things. 

When a problem occurs, we have to find some solutions to make our work easier. For that reason, technologists developed AI-based word-counting tools to make human work more convenient. Where an average person takes 4-5 minutes to count 4 to 5 hundred words, a computer can count even millions of words in the blink of an eyeball. 

 Important Of Word Counter

Word Counter has become a very crucial tool, in this generation, especially for bloggers, writers, social media influencers, and students. You might have also noticed when you have to write about something you always determine the length of the text before starting writing according to its topic, time limits, or the payment you will get. However, with the help of these types of tools, we can complete our work with little effort.

We are aware of the fast-growing AI technologies that make our lives easier, so why use our effort when it can be done by computer within a second at zero cost? In today's world Smart workers are valued more than hard workers, so why not work smart instead of hard? By using AI tools we can save our precious time and use it for something more important. 

How To Use Word Counting Pro 

BG SEO Word Counter Is a user-friendly tool. By just Looking at the website users can understand the work process. In this web-based word counter tool, users can copy the texts from their site and paste them into the toolbox and the result would be shown instantly on the boxes below the text. 

BG SEO Word Counting Pro provides various features in one tool. By dropping your text on the box you can not only find out the number of words in your text but can also find out the number of sentences, lines, paragraphs, and characters. Moreover, you can also see, the reading level, reading time, speaking time, and keyword density.

Features Of BG SEO "Word Counter Pro "

There are various word cunting tools available on the internet and BG SEO Word Counter Pro is also one of them. However, some features make our tool more valuable and different from the other tools on the internet. 

  1. User Friendly to use
  2. Zero cost
  3. Instant Result 
  4. Provide Various Features in one tool 
  5. Give All the details of numbers Words, sentences, Paragraphs, and Characters 
  6. Web Based / No need for installation 
  7. Supports All Devices and Software