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About Class C Ip Checker

What Is C Ip Checker?

Class C Ip Checker is an efficient yet free online tool that detects the Class IP address (Internet Protocol address) of the domain. By using this tool, users can confirm if the Ip address of the domain is duplicated or not. Sometimes people can use the same IP address for more than two domains which can cause negative effects on the websites. However, the Class C IP checker tool helps users find out if the same C address is hosting various websites or not. 

What is Class C Ip Address?

There are Five types of IP addresses on the internet (A, B, C, D, and E Class IP addresses). C-class IP addresses are used by small-sized companies whereas A and B-class IP address is used by large and medium-sized organizations. The C-class IP address is the most used and popular Ip address among them due to its features/ advantages. If one website gets only less traffic this website's C-class Ip address could be shared with similar ranges of other websites as well. The main reason for the C Class IP area's popularity is that it has low cost and is useful for these websites, which do not run 24/7.

Importace of Class C IP Cheaker

Class C Ip checker is a valuable website management tool. In this digital technological era, website management is more important than adding new information on the pages. If the website gets various errors and takes a lot of time to load something, it would be difficult to get good revenue from that website. However, people can use various online website managing tools to avoid these problems at a significant level. 

The Class Ip Checker tool protects web owners from getting their websites blacklisted by Google search engines. If your website C class IP address is used by another website, there is a high chance, that Google will prevent your website from providing service, by not showing your web pages on the search engines. 

The stealing of IP addresses will hugely impact websites ranking on search engines. When your website's dynamic C range IP address is shared by another website, your all efforts for SEO would be a total waste.

When google black list any websites which go against its policies, it does not only blacklist the domain name but also blacklist the IP address. In that case, if the blacklisted website shares your IP address, your website would be blacklisted too.

It is crucial to do class C IP checking, to see if the same address is provided to other websites or not if you have just purchased a new hosting service for your website. 

How to Use BG SEO Class C Ip Checker?

The BG SEO Class C IP checker is a very convenient and user-friendly tool to use. To do the Class C IP checking of any domain user can follow the step consecutively that are listed below.

Step 1: Open the BG SEO Class C IP checker tool by using any browser

Step 2: Input or paste the domain name whose Class IP you want to check (The user can input up to 40 domains at once but each domain has to be in a single line)

Step 3: Click on the Submit button to start the process

within a few seconds, the tool provides the domain hostname, Ip address, and Class C number on the box. To repeat the same process user can click on the try new button.