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About Questions Explorer Tool

In this digital world, we can do various things by using technology. For instance, we can use this for study, research, entertainment, and engagement purposes. Numerous tools are available on the internet for different purposes that make our everyday work more convenient. Similarly, question Explorer is also one of them that helps many students and teachers in their studies. 

What is Question Explorer Tool?

Question Explorer is an online education-based tool that is programmed to generate various types of questions on any topic or keyword. This question generator tool uses Google or Bing’s most searched questions on a similar topic to build new questions for the users. This tool’s main purpose is to generate various questions by using one keyword. It provides questions on various forms such as WH, Can, Are, and many others. These are especially beneficial tools for teachers as they can generate various questions for their students within a few minutes and it is also completely free to use. 

Importance of Question Explorer Tool

In this technological era, we should use technologies as much as possible in our everyday work because these tools help us to complete the task in minimum time and also do not charge any amount for the services. Nowadays, smart working people are more valued than hard-working people. If we can complete our important work within a few seconds by using these online tools then why use our efforts? We can use that time to do something more valuable thing instead.

If you are a teacher and you have to develop new questions for all of your students for their exams or maybe for class work or homework you can use these Question Explorer tools and it will generate over 1000 questions of different topics within a minute. You can also generate different questions for each student so there would be fewer chances of copying or cheating. In this way, you would not be wasting your valuable time on one thing.

Moreover, if you are a content writer or a blogger these tools can also be helpful for you as it uses people's most searched questions on Google to make new questions. By using these tools creators or writers can find out what questions people most search on Google so they can develop similar topic's content for their websites.

Features of BG SEO Question Explorer Tool

There are numerous question-generating tools available on the internet and BG SEO question-generating tool is also one of them. However, some important features of BG SEO Question Explorer Tool make it different and more valuable than any other tools available on the internet.

  1. Easy and User friendly to use
  2. Zero cost
  3. Provide satisfying results within a minute
  4. Less Time Consuming
  5. Generate up to 100 questions about one keyword in various forms such as WH, Are, Can, and More.
  6. It does not require users' personal information for the service
  7. 100 percent secure to use
  8. Supports All devices that are connected to the internet

How to Use BG SEO Question Explorer Tool

As it is a user-friendly tool users can complete their work within a few minutes. To generate any topic or keyword questions, users first need to type the related keywords on the similar featured website’s text box. After writing the keyword users need to click on the “Submit” button to start the process. After a few seconds, the tool provides various questions on different boxes with different forms of questions. To repeat this process users need to click on the “Try New Key Word” button and can repeat the same process.