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Binary Translator

Convert Binary to Text / English or ASCII Binary Translator. Enter binary numbers (E.g: 01000101 01111000 01100001 01101101 01110000 01101100 01100101) and click the Convert button

About Binary Translator

In this digital world, the use of computer technologies has grown rapidly in human life. Similarly, its development is still going further. After we realize the computer is becoming a part of our human life, it is crucial to be familiar with the binary number system, as it is a native language of the computer.

The computer uses binary language to process, store, and interpret data. It converts our data into binary number systems which consist of only two digits 0 and 1. People can translate any binary numbers into understandable text by using two different Process 1, Unicode, and ASCII.

What is a Binary Translator?

Binary Translator is a free online software that translates binary information into  ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) text. ASCII codes were developed when the computer was first invented.

The BG SEO Binary translator converter uses ASCII methods to translate users' binary data into normal text. The tool is programmed to convert each digit of binary with ASCII code value and provides readable text to the users.

Importance Of Binary Translator

We live in a digital world and most of the work is done by computers. Therefore, we need to know about binary number systems to communicate with these digital devices. Well, everyone can't understand binary numbers because it's very complicated.

However, people can calculate Binary numbers into text by using their own brains, but this can be hugely time-consuming, and tough as well. However, By the use of these free online binary-to-text converter tools, users can complete the same task within a minute whereas an average human being can take over hours for the same task.

When you have to develop a new system on the computer, you need this converter tool to convert your text into machine-level or Binary language.  Moreover, As binary language is difficult to understand, nowadays people use this language to secure their personal sensitive information. Similarly, we can use this binary to ASCII converter tool to encode the information. Many people also use this tool in cryptography to encrypt or decrypt the data. 

Features Of Binary Translator 

Less Time Consuming And User Friendly to use 

Users can take service within a minute by using this tool, without facing any troubles. Users are not required to have any knowledge about binary calculation to translate any binary language into text. By the use of this tool, Usres can translate huge amounts of binary information in the blink of an eyeball.

Provide effective Service at zero cost

Users can convert any binary language to text without paying any amount. This tool is very beneficial for students and teachers as they can take service at zero cost.

ASCII and Unicode Methods 

This tool provides both ASCII and Unicode methods to translate the binary language to decimal. By just selecting the options users can change the translating process method, according to their desires. However, both methods are equally effective to use.


As binary translator is a web-based tool users do not need to download the software for the services. Moreover, this tool supports every device that is connected to the internet. Users can translate binary language into text, from anywhere at any time by using this tool.

100 percent secure to use

Some websites and tools are risky to use as they can track users' personal information and can spread viruses on the system that can destroy the files and information as well.  That is why users need to be aware if the website is safe enough to use or not. However, the BG SEO tool is 100 percent secure to use. It does not require users' personal information to take services or to sign. BG SEO tool's main goal is to provide free service to users to make their everyday lives more convenient. Moreover, this tool does not view or keep records of the user's information.

How to Use BG SEO Binary Translator

It is an easy web-based tool that can be used by anyone who knows the basic process of using the computer. To translate binary language into text users are required to follow the steps consecutively which are listed below

Step 1: Open the BG SEO Binary Translator

Step 2: Input the Binary Infomation on the left text box

Step 3: Choose the Process Methods ASCII or Unicode

Step 4: Click  on the convert button

In less than 5 seconds the translator provides the binary results in the text format on the right box. Users can copy the information from the tool to save the results. To translate another binary language users can click on the reset button and can repeat the same process.