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About Domain Age Checker

To improve the ranking in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), factors including Optimized Content, Page Speed, User Experience, Links (Backlinks, Outbound, and Internal), URLs, Authority, and many others play an important role. Besides all these, one of the most important factors in improving the ranking in SEO is Domain Age. 

For this reason, BGseotool has created a 100% free and reliable tool "The Domain Age Checker". This tool will help you to find the accurate age of a domain or website, from the time when it was registered till it is active. This can be useful for determining the credibility of the website, identifying the expiry date of the domain, and checking the WHOIS database. 

This tool is really helpful for people who own their websites and want to improve their visibility in the search engine. This handy online editor tool provides the best possible result with ease in no time. 

What is Domain Age?

Domain age refers to the period that any website has been registered and active. The domain age is one of the important factors that help to contribute to and improve search engine optimization.

Older domains are likely to boost their ranking on search engines as they can be more trustworthy and authoritative than newly established ones. The older domains are less likely to be involved in spam and malicious activities and have built the backlines and reputations with the search engine from a longer period of hard work, dedication, and time. 

Why use Domain Age Checker by BGseotool?

To provide you with all the facilities regarding the age of your website, BGseotool has brought you a simple and convenient tool with the help of which you can easily detect the complete information of your domain including created date, updated date, and expiry date. The tool will provide you with the exact age of the domain, with the exact time, day, month, and year. 

Hence, to track your domain age and improve search engine ranking you can solely rely on our tool. 

Features of Domain Age Checker by BGseotool

"Domain Age Checker" by BGseotool has certain important factors that are useful for the website owner and other users, some of which are mentioned below; 

1. Track Domain Age

As domain age is one of the significant factors in ranking your domain in search engines, it is really important to keep track of the age of your domain. This tool will always help to track your domain age, so keep checking your domain age periodically so that you can stay on top of the search engines.

2. Identify Expired Domain 

The tool will provide information regarding the expiry period of your website within just a click. You should keep tracking your domain information regarding the age of the domain as well as the expiry date so that you can renew your site in time. You can also check the expired domains that have been abandoned by the other owner so that you can even purchase them at a low value as they still may have backlines and traffic.

3. Reliable and User-friendly

Our tool provides you with a very simple interface that allows you to quickly retrieve the information you are keen to know. The tool can be used by anyone with little knowledge anywhere on any device unless they are connected to an internet connection. 

How to use Domain Age Checker by BGseotool?

You can follow the following instructions to use Domain Age Checker for your convenience;

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click on the Domain Age Checker box. Enter your URL. 

Step 3: Once you've entered your domain name, click on “Get Domain Age”.

Step 4: Within just a few seconds your result will be displayed on your screen. You can view the domain age, created date, updated date, and expiry date.