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Dummy Image Placeholder Generator

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About Dummy Image Placeholder Generator

If you are a website developer or graphic designer you are probably familiar with the Dummy Image Placeholder generator. This tool is very useful and beneficial for creating dummy images for new website profiles or any online portfolios.

What Is Dummy Image Placeholder Generator?

Dummy Image Placeholder Generator is a free online software that is programmed to generate dummy images for users. Various people prefer using this online dummy image placeholder to create a demo profile image for their websites or any other online portfolios. This tool does not charge any amount for the service and also creates dummy images in less than a minute. 

Why Use Dummy Image Placeholder Generator?

If you have just opened an online business but your business logo has not been created yet, you can use this Dummy image to create a temporary logo for your website or you can also use this tool to generate new logo ideas for your business. 

If you can't afford a graphic designer to create a new logo for your website or maybe for your new small business, you can use this free online dummy image placeholder to add a profile picture or cover picture to your business sites. Moreover, Users can also use this tool to create an image for the advertisement of their business. 

Features of Dummy Image Placeholder Generator

There are numerous SEO Tools available on the internet that help various digital workers in their work. Similarly, BG SEO Dummy image placeholder is also one of the SEO tools that help users create demos or temporary images of logos for their business. Here are some features of the BG SEO Dummy Image placeholder that make it a valuable and trustworthy tool to use.

Less Time-Consuming and User Friendly

By the use of the BG SEO tool Users can create a Dummy image placeholder within a minute, without facing any troubles. Users do not need to have any Photoshop or image editing knowledge to create a dummy image on this tool. 

Zero Cost

With the use of this tool, users can create dummy images according to their desire, without paying a single penny. It can be very helpful for students and newly started small businesses to create a logo design at zero cost.

Supports All Devices 

Users can take service from this tool by using any devices that are connected to the internet. As it is a web-based tool users are not required to download the software for the service, which can be less time-consuming for users where downloading applications for a small work could have been very annoying for the users.

100 Percent Secure to Use

There are various online websites available which are not safe to use. Some websites spread viruses on devices while taking the services. That is the reason users always should be aware if the website is safe enough to use or not. However, the BG SEO tool is a completely safe website for users as its only aim is to provide various supports for users by developing new tools. This tool does not require users' personal information for the service and also does not view or keep records of the users' information. 

How To Use BG SEO Dummy Image Placeholder Generator

To create a  dummy image placeholder by using the BG SEO tool users are required to follow the listed process consecutively

Step 1: Open the BG SEO Dummy Image Placeholder tool 

Step 2: Choose the image size you want your dummy image placeholder to be

Step 3: Choose a background color and text color according to your preference 

Step 4: Choose the Image format for your dummy image placeholder

Step 5: Customize the text by writing information on the Text box

After customizing the overall formats the tool automatically shows the output on the screen. Users can make extra changes if they do not like their designs and they can repeat the same process to generate another dummy image. To save the final created dummy image user can click on the copy button (Green Button) and the image will be copied to the clipboard.