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About Bulk Email Validator

BG SEO Tools introduces our new advanced AI-based technological software, Bulk Email Validator tool. A useful tool to verify a list of email addresses. Our Email Verifier tool examines each email address to see if there is a positive reply without sending emails. Our innovative tool can also help you ensure the accuracy of your email lists and improve your deliverability rates.

Bulk Email Validator can check the validity of hundreds of email addresses at once in no insufficient time. It also reviews common errors and types and helps users maintain their storage and improve their email deliverability rates.

BG SEO Tool also offers free adequate software, much more reliable and easy to use compared to other websites. Our tool is also perfect for small businesses, marketing professionals, and multiple other users to improve their email marketing efforts and maximize their ROI.

Features of Bulk Email Validator

The major components and several ways to validate an email address by BG SEO's Bulk Email Validator tool are listed below:

  • Regex email validation: Regex is a string of characters that is useful to describe a search pattern. It is a regular expression that can be used to validate the format of an email address. Several key issues with regex should be taken into consideration such as, it is extremely restrictive, and also fails to check whether the email domain and user account exist or not.
  • Post-email validation: On the post-validation, an email is sent to the email address that was provided to the user who confirms their email address. The important characteristic of selecting an effective email validation tool is to review the syntax and investigate tools that conduct additional, rigorous checks for accurate and valid responses.
  • Real-time email validation: To ensure whether an email address is valid or not, an email validation solution should be reviewed so that the domain exits. Which ultimately can receive inbound messages in real-time. Our real-time email validation is not only a better user experience but is also reliable and trustworthy.
  • Batch email cleanse: A useful method to clean the past received email addresses in your database. It is a beneficial tool to reduce bounce rates and avoid complaints. Moreover, checking email regularly can help to avoid incorrect data, which ultimately helps long-term growth and efficiency.

How to use Bulk Email Validator by BG SEO Tool?

Step 1: Open our website, (

Step 2: Upload a list of your email addresses with an easy drag-and-drop feature, or import the subscriber list from your ESP and specify the validation in our Bulk Email Validator toolbox.

Step 3: The user can input up to 20 email IDs with each separate line. Click the 'submit' button below to access your required data. Within seconds, our software tools will access and display your information regarding your email.

Step 4: In any case of issues, our website also displays a report and also provides you to sort out the invalid addresses and enhance your campaign.

FAQ of Bulk Email Validator

What are the benefits of Bulk Email Verifier by BG SEO Tool? 

  • Our Bulk Email Verifier easily lets users verify a list of email addresses in no time. Users can upload a list of up to 20 email addresses to be verified in bulk. You can also use our API to verify your email base from server to server with maximum speed. Our web tool also tests the mail servers to display if there is a positive reply without sending an email.

How fast is Bulk Email Verifier by BG SEO Tool? 

  • Compared to multiple other web tools available on the internet, we recommend our best Bulk Email Verifier by BG SEO Tool for its advanced and reliable services. On average, our system processes a list of 100,000 emails in approximately 45 minutes. We guarantee users will receive accurate results after using our BG SEO's Bulk Email verifier tool.

What does it indicate when email addresses are marked as "accept all"?

  • Catch-all, also known as 'accept-all' is a domain-wide setting mail server that can be configured to accept all emails sent to the domain whether the specified mailbox exists or not. Moreover, a catch-all email account is also an address that is specified to receive all messages addressed to the domain's incorrect email address.