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About Free Proxy List

A proxy server is a technique or router that provides a gateway between users and the internet protocol. It also helps to prevent cyber attackers from entering a private network. A proxy server also acts as an intermediary between users and web servers. It also provides a valuable layer of network security.

Proxy servers are also known for their name because they act like a stand-in and act on behalf of a user's computer. Who asks for multiple services including connection, web page, files, and many more. A proxy server also uses various other IP addresses on behalf of the user and conceals their actual address. 

Among multiple websites and tools available on the internet, BG SEO Tool recommends our new Free Proxy List for its advanced and reliable services. We guarantee users get the best services with 100% accuracy and an easy tool to use compared to other websites.

How to Use Free Proxy List by BG SEO Tool?

BG SEO Tool offers a reliable and accurate Free Proxy List tool that corresponds to other websites. First, open our BG SEO Tool website, Free Proxy List tool, (, and input the required information displayed on our server.

Our Free Proxy List tool will provide users proxy list in no insufficient time. Free Proxy List by BG SEO Tool displays multiple characteristics of Proxy such as last update, IP address, port, country, anonymity level, and response times accordingly.

Benefits of Proxy List

Free Proxy has used a Microsoft Windows platform since 1999 as a fundamental method of internet connection sharing. BG SEO Tool also delivers a free and accurate Proxy list tool that offers several internet services. Paid proxies are much more reliable than free proxies. Some key advantages and benefits of using the Proxy tool are listed below:

  • Better Security: BG SEO Tool's Proxy tool undoubtedly offers better protection of important information and personal data of users. Users get access to a spotless pool of carefully selected, whitelisted IP addresses that will satisfy users.
  • Better Reliability: Free Proxy can be shared between countless users across the world and is highly reliable. Moreover, Free proxy services also offer IP rotation, which ensures users will always work with a live, whitelisted IP address no matter what.
  • Adequately Anonymity: Apart from being highly reliable and secure, BG SEO Tool's Proxy tool also helps users to stay anonymous in any situation. It also offers flexible retargeting capabilities, meaning users can easily pick a target location of their choice.
  • Finer Maintenance & Support: BG SEO Tool's Proxy tool always included maintenance and customer support to refine their webpage. Moreover, paid proxies offer a lot of advanced-level features and benefits compared to free proxy services.

Features of Free Proxy List

A proxy list is an index of HTTP/HTTPS proxy servers all on one particular website. It also allows users to make indirect network connections to other computer network services. Generally, there are four types of proxy servers listed accordingly,

  • Transparent Proxy
  • Anonymous Proxy
  • Distorting Proxy
  • High Anonymity Proxy

1. Transparent Proxy: A transparent proxy functions to intercept connections between users and the internet. While using the proxy tool's transparent proxy, the user's real IP address is made public through the HTTP header. Free Proxy List doesn't protect or modify users' IP addresses, however, it verifies and identifies users' connections.

2. Anonymous Proxy: The anonymous proxy servers allow users to hide the origins of network traffic to be unidentified. It also allows users to access services on the internet while hiding private information and identifications such as the owner's device IP addresses.

3. Distorting Proxy: It identifies itself as a proxy to a website and stays confidential. They usually change their actual IP address to an incorrect one to hide their actual identity. Distorting proxies are beneficial for those users who want to hide their location while accessing the internet.

4. High Anonymity Proxy: The high anonymity proxies are also identified as elite level 1 proxies. It provides the highest level of anonymity. With high anonymity proxies, the users of the server connect receive no information about the user's actual IP address. It is highly secured and private, which couldn't even detect that a connection was made through a proxy.