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About Keyword Density Checker

If you are a blogger, content writer, or SEO expert you probably know that a page that has higher keyword density is the one that appears on the first row during the Google search. This is all because of Google's algorithm as it wants to provide as much information as possible to the readers. And of course, it has long information that contains a higher rate of keywords.

What is the keyword?

A word or a topic refers to all the information on the text or project by using just one word that is considered a keyword. For example, if you are writing an essay about the environment, Environment is your keyword and you write all the information by referring or explaining to that keyword. Similarly, if your essay has more information than others it contains more keywords than others, and the Google algorithm brings the page on first rank which has more keywords or more information. 

However, you can’t add keywords to every single sentence or phrase you write just to take your page on the first row. Everything has its limits and the Google search engine not only focuses on keyword density to provide good content for its readers but also focuses on the quality of information you provide. Good content includes perfect amounts of keywords, information, and originality of the texts and then your text can rank the first row of the search engine.

That is the reason you need to have limits on adding keywords. You should not add too less or too many keywords than is required. Well, it seems now you are more confused and maybe you are asking how much key words I should write on my text then? Well, to solve that problem you can use a keyword density checker that helps you determine how many keywords you should write according to the length of your text. 

What is a Keyword Density checker?

Key Word Density Checker is a free online tool that is programmed to count the number or percentage of keywords in the text. This tool is mostly used by digital writers or content writers. It helps writers to grow their websites and to rank their pages on the first row of Google searches. By the use of this tool, users can determine how many keywords they need to include in their text. 

Importance of Key Word Density Checker

After you understand the importance of keyword density for your content or website's growth, you may be thinking about counting every single keyword on your text before publishing it on the internet. But is it possible to count  2 to 3 thousand content's keyword density? Maybe you can but It will be very time-consuming and annoying as well. And there are also changes of forgetting or missing the numbers as our human mind can get easily distracted by small things.

However, this tool provides the full details of keywords and how many times they have been repeated in your text and also helps them to determine how much they should add or which words they should eliminate. Adding too many keywords than necessary can also lead to a problem and your website might get lower values than other websites. Moreover, the keyword density checker shows the percentage of every word that has been repeated frequently in users' text, and with the help of these reports users can analyze their text and make some changes if necessary. 

Features of BG SEO Key Word Density Checker

There are numerous keyword density checker tools available on the internet that help various users analyze their text to have a perfect project. Similarly, BG SEO keyword density checker is also one of them. However, some features of BG SEO’s keyword density checker make it different and more valuable than other similar tools available on the internet.

1.    Easy to use and User friendly 
2.    Provides results within a minutes
3.    Provide every keyword percentage and the repeated numbers
4.    Supports all devices that are connected to the internet
5.    Does not view or keep a record of the users' text
6.    Does not require users' personal information for the services

How to Use BG SEO Key Word Density Checker?

BG SEO keyword density checker is an easy or user-friendly tool from which users can take services within a minute. To check any content or text keyword on the BG SEO keyword density checker, users are first required to copy the URL of their content and they need to paste that link on the tool’s link box. After pasting the link they can click on the submit button to start the process. Within a minute the tool provides a long full report of keywords including the percentages of keywords and the number of times it has repeated on the text.