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In the age of the digital world where most of our personal information has been stored on the internet, having a strong password is crucial for personal safety. A strong password means strong security for your personal information. In this technological era, protecting your private data is more important than anything else, where one simple mistake can lead to a huge problem in your life. Similarly, we also need to be aware of the hackers who are carving our private data for mishandling. However, having a strong password can eliminate this problem at a significant level. 

On the other hand, as we have to set passwords for every single software that we use it gets challenging to remember every single password. For that solution, people prefer using simple passwords that they can remember easily, without being aware of the safety. Likewise, developing a strong and unique password for every single website can also be stressful and time-consuming. For that reason, people prefer using a password generator to get rid of this problem. 

A password generator is an online software that helps the user create strong passwords to make their platform stronger. These tools are generated by the use of programs which is known as a seed that creates a random string of characters to build long passwords. This has become a very convenient tool for people as it provides strong passwords within a few clicks. It combines all the numbers, letters, and various symbols and builds character passwords that mostly can't be remembered by the user and are also challenging to crack. On some websites, there are also features of discarding the password to open the site as there can be difficulties in remembering the various characters' passwords. However, it depends on the website people use. 

Why use Online Password Generators

People are swamped with work and they don't like to waste lots of time making strong passwords for their websites. Moreover, we need to create a new password for every single thing so it can take lots of time but using a password generator can eliminate that problem. It provides a strong, long password within a minute by just clicking a few buttons. The password generator is a simple and user-friendly software to use. People can complete the process without any difficulty. It can be annoying for the user if they need to download the software for one work, but these tools are not required to be installed and also don't cost any amount for the services. 

Features Of BG SEO Tool Password Generator

There are numerous password-generating tools available on the internet today that help users to generate desired strong passwords. However all the websites and tools are not trustworthy to use, some websites also can be harmful and they can misuse the users' data. So it's always important to become aware of the web you are using.  Here are some features that the BG SEO tool provides, that make it different, trustworthy, and more valuable than the other website available on the internet. 

  • Does not view or keep a record of the users' data
  • Does not require personal information for the services
  • Provide passwords that can nearly become impossible to crack.
  • Provide satisfying results within a minute at Zero Cost
  • User-friendly to use 
  • It supports every software and devices
  • Users can customize how complex they want their passwords to be and they can also choose the amount of number they want in their password by choosing provided options.