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About Social Stats Checker

Social Stats Checker is an Ai-based technological social analytics tool that displays the performance of a blog or web page on popular social networking sites. This tool exhibits a report of your social media status to give you enough information about your presence and the dynamic structure of your social account.

For e.g.: Social Stats Checker displays the user's valuable content or the list of likes, comments, shares, pinned tweets, etc. Various types of tools available on the internet provide small but significant support to users and make their lives more convenient.

Considering users' necessities, BG SEO Tool offers a free Social stats checker tool for its advanced and best services. We provide a most reasonable social stats checker which is also considered as the social counter that serves as an excellent marketing tool. Our tool is easily accessible and a convenient tool that provides social signal details in a pleasingly organized manner.

Importance & Use of Social Stats Checker

It might seem fun and safe to use social media platforms. However, it is important to know which social network is leading when it comes to a specific blog or website and which types of blogs or posts are being shared the most to know their social and traffic status.

BG SEO's Social Stats Checker tool might be the best option for you to have a clear-cut of the content that performs well, which serves as the key to success. The use and importance of our Social Stats Checker are categorized below:

  • Our social stats checker can display any user's or their competitors' websites and provide information about their dynamic structure. This tool can easily assess any user's accounts within just a few seconds. Thus, it might be beneficial for you to boost your social ranking and push ahead of your competitors.
  • To reach a further global audience and generate massive traffic to your blog or website, you can use our tool to know your presence on social media. Daily using our tool which displays more information for improvements can benefit your social accounts and help you gain more followers and views.
  • Our Social Stats Checker is useful for you to analyze and track your social networking statistics. This tool is also beneficial for you in multiple aspects such as knowing the list of visits, click-through rates, and conversions.

How to use Social Stats Checker?

To use a simple yet efficient tool to track social media statistics, our BG SEO tool offers a free Social Stats Checker. To use our most straightforward and efficient tool, you need to follow the subsequent steps, such as:

Step 1: Open our website, (

Step 2: Click the Social Stats Checker query box and input the user's URL of any website or social media account to their annual structure.

Step 3: Click the 'submit' button below and access our web tool. In a few seconds, our tool will automatically process and display your required social media counter and other major information.

Features of Social Stats Checker by BG SEO Tool

Our free Social stats checker tool is available on the internet, requiring no registration or installation. The overall ranking of blogs or websites is categorized based on comments, links, followers, and Google+. Social media marketing is the basic aspect among bloggers, internet users, and YouTubers.

To improve your content, you need to put effort into your creativity that appeals to more readers and attracts their attention, which ultimately will lead to encouraging the readers to share on their social networks.

The better your content, the more traffic will visit your website or channel. Our tool will help you improve the performance of social count or share count you must put an effort into social media marketing, including the creation of valuable content. Here are the lists of social networks which our web tool covers, such as:

  • Facebook: A list of your shared posts on Facebook
  • Facebook Comments: Number of Facebook Comments
  • Google+: Know how many times Google+ is hit for your URL
  • Stumble Upon: Knows the views count on Stumble Upon
  • LinkedIn: Number of entries with your URL