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About SSL Checker

Do you want to know if the websites you are using are safe enough to use or not? If yes, then you are in the right place. This BG SEO SSL checker helps various people find out the ownership information of any website. 

What Is SSL?

SSL Stands for Secure Sockets Layer. SSL is an internet security protocol that is based on encryption. It is a standard technology that secures the internet connection by encrypting data sent between the two servers. This method prevents hackers from viewing and stealing the information that is transferred between servers. 

What Is SSL Checker?

The SSL checker is free online software that helps users to identify the security of the website. The SSL checker provides almost every necessary information about the security of the website with just the help of the website URL or domain name.

This tool verifies that the website's SSL certificate on the website's server is installed and trustworthy to use. The SSL checker provides the following information about the server and the chain.

  • Common Name
  • Server type
  • SANs
  • Issuer
  • validity
  • Signature Algorithm

Importance Of SSL Checker

SSL Checker is an important and valuable website security tool that is used by many webmasters and online users. The SSL checker helps users to get complete details regarding website security by just using the website's domain name. 

With the use of this tool, users can confirm if the website is secure enough to use or not. As it provides all the necessary details regarding the websites, users can use that information to take legal action if the websites ever try to violate the security guidelines. 

We do SSL checking on any website to prevent tracking of our personal information while we take the service. It helps to build a good relationship between the users and the website. 

Moreover, users can do any website SSL checking in the blink of an eyeball.  It does not even require users' personal information for the service. With just the website links users can find out all the necessary information regarding that website. 

Features Of BG SEO SSL Checker

Here are some important features of our BGS EO SSL checker tools that make it an effective and trustworthy tool for users.

  • Provide service at zero cost
  • Less Time Consuming
  • Instant effective results
  • Supports all devices that are connected to the internet
  • Does not require signup or download
  • 100 percent secure to use

How To Use BG SEO SSL Checker

As it is a user-friendly tool users are not required to go through a long process to check the SSL of any website. To use the BG SEO SSL checker tool users can follow the steps consecutively that are listed below. 

Step 1: Open the BG SEO SSL checker tool by using any browsing software

Step 2: Copy the link of the websites whose you want to check the SSL certificate

Step 3: Paste the URL on the tool's URL box

Step 4: Click on the submit button to start the process

After clicking on the submit button the tool provides the SSL certificate of that website in less than a minute. Users can analyze all the reports provided by the tool.