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About Image Crop Tool

The image crop tool is one of the convenient tools that is used for the process of changing the size and composition of the original image by removing certain regions of an image and reducing image size accordingly. The tool helps to improve framing or composition by creating a variety of different impressions of an original one. 

The tool can be helpful for all people, especially for those who are involved in blog writing, content creation, and writing. The use of the tool can give the image a beautiful presentation which can draw a viewer's eye to the image. It can even be used in a very simple way resulting in a suitable shape and design of the image with a little cropping and retouching. 

Image Crop Tool by BGseotool

BGseotool has introduced a simple and easy Image Crop Tool where the user can transform and crop pictures for free without even going through the hassle of logging in or downloading. The tool offers you a variety of advantages, such as,

1. The user can crop the image to the desired size and aspected ratio giving it a beautiful approach and professional looking.

2. The image can be cropped to remove unwanted elements and backgrounds. You can make the image visually appealing by enhancing its clarity and removing distracting objects.

3. By using the tool the user can fit the image for special requirements during blog writing, content creation, and other professional use. Other than professional use this can also be used to fit the images for social media use.

4.  Image Crop Tool is easy to cope with and time-saving as you have the option to crop multiple images at once. You can even adjust the framing of the image to your desired size conveying the intended message and emotion.  

5. It helps the user to create interesting compositions by cropping images in unique and creative ways. You can crop the image without losing the original file.

Features of Image Crop Tool by BGseotool

1. Crop-to-aspected Ratio

The tool allows you to crop to your required image to an aspected ratio of 16:9, 4:3, 1:1, 2:3.  

2. Rotation, Strengthening, and zooming

The tool allows the user to Strengthen the crooked image and you can even rotate the image to the desired orientation. Moreover, you can zoom in or out of the image to crop it more accurately. 

3. Has option Undo and Redo 

The tool allows you to undo and redo your cropping actions. 

4. Preview and Cropping History

The most prominent feature of the Image Crop Tool is it allows you to preview your cropped image before saving it and it also allows the user to view previous cropping history as well.